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2000Family resilience: The state of the art and new research perspectives-Resumo
2001Patients satisfaction's evaluation of their teeth in relatios to aesthetic-Resumo
2001Impressions and casts disinfection in sodium hypochlorite solution.-Resumo
2001CEDDA ortheses to the control and directioning of the maxillo mandibular movements.-Resumo
2001Marginal microleakage in amalgam and composite resin restorations with and without surface sealant.-Resumo
2010Social representations about the sexuality of stomized patients: seeking to know more about the subject in order to transform it-Resumo
2017Neck circumference to identify excess adiposity in hospitalized patients-Resumo
1996Urinary mercury levels in Brazilian dentists.-Resumo
2008Muscle Protein in Growing Rats Fed Spirulina as the Sole Dietary Protein Source-Resumo
2000Prevalence of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans in adult periodontitis.-Resumo
2001Superficial smoothness evaluation of compomer with different polishing methods-Resumo
2001Investigation of cross contamination between clinics and dental laboratories-Resumo
2009Factors associated with anemia among brazilian infants under 6 months old-Resumo
2009Factors associated with anemia among infants under 6 months old-Resumo
2009Proposal of intervention for prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases among employees of University of Taubate-Resumo
2009Cost of application of proposed food guide by the ministry of health - Brazil for adult population of Taubate-Resumo
2009Nutritional evaluation of vegetarian individuals from the community of Brazil-Resumo
1997Altered post-translational modifications of collagen in hereditary gingival fibromatosis.-Resumo
1998Evidence for genetic heterogeneity for hereditary gingival fibromatosis.-Resumo
1998Localization of a hereditary gingival fibromatosis gene to chromosome 2p.-Resumo