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2015Clinical and Microbiologic Evaluation of Scaling and Root Planing per Quadrant and One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection Associated With Azithromycin or Chlorhexidine: A Clinical Randomized Controlled Trial-Artigo de Periódico
2019Microbiological profile associated with peri-implant diseases in individuals with and without preventive maintenance therapy: a 5-year follow-up-Artigo de Periódico
2010Gingival overgrowth in subjects under immunosuppressive regimens based on cyclosporine, tacrolimus, or sirolimus-Artigo de Periódico
2013Gingival Overgrowth in Renal Transplant Subjects: A 44-Month Follow-Up Study-Artigo de Periódico
2019Impact of compliance during periodontal maintenance therapy on oral health-related quality of life: A 6-year follow-up-Artigo de Periódico
2016Frequency of periodontal pathogens and Helicobacter pylori in the mouths and stomachs of obese individuals submitted to bariatric surgery: a cross-sectional study-Artigo de Periódico
2016Scaling and Root Planing per Quadrant Versus One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection: Assessment of the Impact of Chronic Periodontitis Treatment on Quality of Life - A Clinical Randomized, Controlled Trial-Artigo de Periódico
2016Sense of coherence and periodontal health outcomes-Artigo de Periódico
2013Associations of duration of smoking cessation and cumulative smoking exposure with periodontitis-Artigo de Periódico
2011Oral Impact on Daily Performance, Personality Traits, and Compliance in Periodontal Maintenance Therapy-Artigo de Periódico