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Title: Analysis of production unit infrastructure of honey processing agricultural in the Paraiba Valley, São Paulo state Brazil [Análise da infra-estrutura existente em unidades de produção agrícola para processamento de mel na região do vale do Paraíba-SP]
Authors: Pasin L.E.V.
Tereso M.J.A.
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyze the infrastructure for honey process in Agricultural Production Units (UPAs) located in the Paraíba Valley (São Paulo state, Brazil). For this study to be carried out, the search of primary data method using a questionnaire was applied. From January 2005 to March 2006, 116 UPAs samples, representing 33.7% of all bee-related UPAs were used. For the association and relation of dependence among the equipment variables, "casa do mel", staff education level, time in the activity and number of bee-hives in the UPA, the chi-square (X2) statistical tests were applied. The results revealed that centrifuges were present in 58.6% of UPAs, while the type of casa do mel occured in 29.3% of UPAs in the region. The staff education level, time in the activity and number of bee-hives are variables which are important when considering the existence of centrifuges and "casa do mel" in the UPA.
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Issue Date: 2008
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