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Title: The cultural expressions as economic alternative for the city of São José do barreiro: A study of possibilities [A expressão cultural como alternativa econômica para o município de São José do barreiro: Um estudo de possibilidades]
Authors: Gutlich G.R.
Abstract: The subject of the present article is the cultural heritage as economic possibility of sustain tourism in the city of São José do Barreiro and as a proposal to alternative bases for the development of this micro region in the Vale do Paraíba, province of São Paulo, where the municipality is the center. As case study it is referred an action of the University of Taubaté and supported by the Program of Academic Master class in Planning and Regional Development. Clippings are presented here that specifically approach the question of the cultural identity in the immovable corporeal properties and to the urban set, the buildings that compose the urban scene in its colorful aspect. With initial procedure of diagnosis it was opted to raising the material patrimony recognized by the IPHAN (national institute for historic and artistic heritage) and pointing its real paper in the identity and the local economy. For intermediary of a previous experience, carried through in the City of São Luiz do Paraitinga, the inventory was delineated as initial procedure. In this case was produced a scholar book dedicated to the patrimonial education wrote in three versions with intention to stimulate the appreciation of particular characteristics of the place as cultural attraction for the tourism. The work in course points with respect to the reevaluation of the concept of cultural inheritance and intends to initiate a systematic of procedures of fallings based on criteria of symbolic appropriation of the resources in the economy of this region. © 2016, Universidade de Taubate. All rights reserved.
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Publisher: Universidade de Taubate
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Issue Date: 2016
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