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Title: A quantitative analysis on the 2004-2006 annual scientific trainee's meetings and post graduate workshops at the Universidade de Taubaté - UNlTAU [Análise quantitativa dos trabalhos submetidos aos encontros de iniciação científica e mostras de pós- graduação promovidos pela Universidade de Taubaté de 2004 a 2006]
Authors: Quintairos P.
Castilhogonçalves M.
Abstract: In this work is presented an analysis of the relative data on the 20042006 Annual Scientific Trainee's Meetings and Post Graduate Workshops at the Universidade de Taubaté. It is shown a comparative analysis, in participation indices, between the 3 big knowledge areas Human, Life and Earth Sciences and Engineering - face to the relevance of each one of these areas in the university student staff composition. Also the ratio of works submitted and accepted in each one of the mentioned areas is analyzed, with intention to verify if it has or hasn't hard severity in the evaluation of the works submitted per area. The data presented in this paper kindly has been supplied by the University Post Graduate and Research Secretariat (PRPPGUNITAU). The information relative to the number of students in the university, in each one of the analyzed years, kindly has been yielded by the University Undergraduate Secretariat (PRA-UNITAU). One of the found difficulties during the data analysis was concerned to the non-separation between the data relative to both annual events. The Scientific Trainee's Meeting and the Post-Graduate Workshop happen together and simultaneously every year at the university. Another factor that has increased the difficult to the analysis was the nonséparation per knowledge area in the referring data. Although the presented difficulties reduce the precision of the deriving conclusions of the analysis presented in this work, its value are not lost, because the main proposition in the present paper is to feed the discussion about the creation of indices to measure the scientific and technological production in the Vale do Paraíba region (Paraiba's river valley). It is observed that the creation of such indices is in great relevance for the development of the region. Another purpose of this article is to help the management and organization of the future meetings, as well as stimulating each one of the departments in the university to reflect on the incentive given for them to the academic research. Certainly the results surveyed in the meetings and in the workshops are reflections of the politics of the research incentive given to the professors and of the measures that they aim at to the insertion of their pupils in such scientific activities.
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Issue Date: 2007
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