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Title: Giant cell fibroma of the maxillary gingiva in children: A case report
Authors: Campos M.S.
Domaneschi C.
Nunes F.D.
Weinfeld I.
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to describe a giant cell fibroma in the maxillary gingiva of an 11-year-old girl. After excisional biopsy, histological examination showed the presence of numerous giant, multinucleated, stellate-shaped cells dispersed throughout the fibrous tissue of the lamina propria. No recurrence was observed after the 1-year follow-up. Since this lesion is clinically similar to other non-neoplastic lesions and very uncommon in children, establishing a correct diagnosis can be difficult and achieved only based on specific histological characteristics. Thus, it is important that pediatric dentists have knowledge about this uncommon lesion.
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Issue Date: 2010
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